How to Implement an Online Board Room Meeting
How to Implement an Online Board Room Meeting

Meetings in boardrooms online eliminate the need for physical meeting and also reduce the cost of travel. Additionally, it offers flexibility for members who can take part from any location. But, like any new technology there are challenges to overcome when it comes to implementing this tool. Before using the software, board members must be familiar with the software and understand how it operates. They also need to establish communication protocols and clear expectations.

The most challenging part is to ensure that all remote participants are active participants in the discussion. During an online meeting it is easy for the participants to become distracted and lose focus. Therefore, it is essential to keep them focused by ensuring they can clearly hear the speaker. It is also important to have a clear agenda, which permits effective discussion and helps to prevent the meeting from becoming too long. Idealy the agenda should contain 20 percent of the items so that there is enough time for discussion. Additionally, it's advantageous to plan the meeting outside of normal meal times so that you don't have to eat on camera. The chair should also suggest to the board members to use the mute option when they aren't talking so that background noise doesn't distract.

Another major challenge is to make sure the virtual conference and board portal work together seamlessly. A high-quality solution will allow video calls and allow you to manage both the video call and documents from a single platform. Furthermore it will allow the board to download agendas in PDF format, and view it even if they are offline.

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